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Welcome to my site, I'm Adam Ackerman. My journey to home ownership was an absolute nightmare until I hired a real estate attorney to represent me. After selecting a home, I was locked into the purchase even before the inspection was complete. Unfortunately, the inspection revealed a number of serious problems that required immediate repair. I tried to end or suspend the deal until the current homeowner handled the issues, but the real estate agent refused. My lawyer dissected their agreement and helped me out of that contract, so I could start anew. My website will explore all of the services offered by real estate attorneys. I will explore the various ways hiring a real estate lawyer can help people avoid scams and get a good deal. Thanks.


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3 Things To Avoid Doing During A Divorce

If you feel like it's time to dissolve your marriage, it's important to understand what you should and shouldn't do during your divorce. Keep reading to learn a few things you should avoid doing throughout the divorce process.

Don't Forgo an Attorney During Your Divorce

An attorney is a valuable resource to have in your corner when you're going through a divorce. Even if your spouse and you think you can handle the logistics of filing for divorce, a divorce attorney will help you determine if the terms you're proposing are legal and in your best interest.

For example, you might agree to forgo your share of your spouse's future pension payment because you don't want any connection to them. However, if you're legally entitled to receive a portion of their pension and the pension constitutes a large amount of your future retirement income, an attorney will advise that you keep your interest in the pension.

Don't Use Your Joint Accounts

Some individuals make the mistake of continuing to use their marital accounts even after filing for divorce. However, now it is the perfect time to open your own bank accounts, investment accounts, and lines of credit. Your spouse will continue to have access to your income and have the ability to add more debt to your name if you keep using your joint accounts.

If you have concerns over transferring any of your financial assets to a new bank account, ask your attorney for their recommendation. They can tell you what amount of money you can safely move to a new account without it looking as if you're trying to prevent your spouse from receiving their fair share of the funds. 

It's also vital to start building credit in your name if your spouse held most of your marital debt in their name. Should you decide to purchase a different home or rent a new place, you'll need some type of personal credit. 

Keep Your Thoughts Off Social Media

It's tempting to unload your true thoughts about your spouse, but social media isn't the place to do so. Instead, keep any venting sessions private and off the internet. Your spouse's divorce attorney can use your social media posts against you to attempt to prove that you're not acting in the best interests of your children or that you're lying about certain details. 

Don't assume that your spouse can't see your posts because they're blocked or your accounts are private. Friends and family members can easily screenshot your posts and pass them along.